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Messaging and Chat App

$ 1,599.00 USD
$ 1,599.00 USD
per month

Messaging and Chat App

$ 1,599.00 USD
$ 1,599.00 USD
per month
Build a fully functional messaging and chat app. Easy to customize for any group or interest.

Technology Stack: Mobx, NativeBase and backend integration (MongoDB, Feathersjs), iOS and Android

Compare to: WhatsApp


  • 1:1 chat feature
  • Signup and Login
  • Country picker
  • Contacts List
  • Mobile number verification process using OTP
  • Load earlier button for long chat list
  • Blueprints must be purchased with a Crowdbotics Pro+ subscription ($499/month). For new customers, a Crowdbotics Pro+ subscription will be charged at the time of purchase.
  • 20 hours of customization by expert developers is included with each Blueprint, a $1500 value.
  • Add on-demand expert developers to your project any time for a low hourly rate to customize and scale.
  • Allow 10 days for set up initial blueprint set up
  • Upon purchase, you will schedule a short kickoff call with a Crowdbotics Product Manager.

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